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Easy-to-use Flash video editing tools
Direct Download Link Generator
Create direct links to cloud drives
The Direct Download Link Generator automatically converts links, created by famous cloud services like DropBox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive, into direct download links. So, clicking such updated link you'll see not a cloud service web page, but just a «Save file» dialog box. Surely, you can share such link with anyone, and it will work in the same manner for anyone. Also can automatically convert long URLs into very short TinyURL™ links.
Supported OS: Windows
Mac OS X
FlashDigger Plus
Advanced SWF files editor
Directly edit Flash SWF files, extract and update text, graphics, sound and actions with preview. No FLA source files are required. You can change scene size, insert / remove tags or frames, edit actionscript, change objects placement, update URL's, associated with a button or defined in ActionScript, apply your own URL to the scene or its part, remove / apply soundtrack and more.
Supported OS: Windows
FLV Spider
Online FLV grabber and editor
Captures online flash videos and saves them to your Mac or iPod. Works with any web browsers. Is not a browser plugin. Is very simple in use. Can join several video clips into continuous movie. Can trim captured videos before saving. Fixes partially downloaded videos. Flash video player is included.
Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.4+
MP3FLV Lossless Converter
Multiway video format converter
Without recompression convert your MP3 audio files into Flash FLV streaming format, perform such media format lossless conversions, as MP3 to FLV, FLV to MP3, FLV to SWF, SWF to FLV. Join and trim FLV files. Create Flash video slideshow. Convert FLV format into Apple iPod M4V video format.
Supported OS: Windows

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